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Album cover: Dream Tower Blurprints

My own "solo" recording projects could be considered being in a ambient/heavy prog-rock/industrial/experimental/atmospheric/goth-metal/EBM/surf kind of style...or not.

In 2007 I released my first solo ambient album Dream Tower Blueprints performed entirely on software-processed guitar and Chapman Stick, and has had tracks from it played on NPR’s Star's End and Hearts of Space radio shows, SomaFM, as well as the 24/7 all-ambient online radio station Stillstream.Com.

My second solo album Obscura was released in June 2010 and features a more dark, mysterious feel this time performed on mostly hardware-processed guitar, 8-string bass and Chapman Stick.

New digital-only releases also now include three in my Into The Maelström series of live-in-the-studio performances as well as B'ak'tun 13 which begins to bring more elaborate percussion arrangements and vocals into the mix.

2015 saw my most recent release, 2063, Part I: Wish, which shifted away hard from ambient into the heavy-prog-rock, with more "episodes" on their way.

All releases are available at Har's Bandcamp store at: http://ambientguitarist.bandcamp.com, as well as at CDBaby.













Album cover: Christus and The Cosmonaughts - From Atop this Hill

I record as one half of the "epic post-apocalyptic psychedelic art rock" band Christus & The Cosmonaughts (and its instrumental space-rock "alter-ego", The Prayer Capsule) on guitars, Chapman Stick, basses and occasional drum programming.

The amazing Scot Solida is the other half, singing and playing everything else.

Our most recent album "From Atop This Hill" is available on Beta-lactam Ring Records, with our next album, "And Now I'm Seeing Red" planned for release sometime in 2016.



















Nightscaping logo

For five years I was the host of "Nightscaping Radio", a weekly radio show on Stillstream.com.

The show focused on the more dark and mysterious corners of the ambient music universe, and I often also did live-in-the-studio improv solo performances as well as "spinning the ambient hits".













Album cover: elmodic - Monoism

Though technically not an "official band member", I also do quite a bit of recording with the very cool German synth-pop band elmodic.

I played the guitar solo on the single "Shallow Man" from their excellent 2005 debut album "Unsound Fantasy", and then played all 6- and 12-string guitars on their follow-up 2008 album "Monoism" on the A Different Drum label.













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